3D-printing is a big part of the future. With a 3d-printer you can make prototypes, models and finished products. We use 3d-printers for a lot of projects, including the RB26 s13 projects, will have many 3d printed objects.

For 3d-printers and Filament in Norway. You can visit Filament.no . There you can find PLA, ABS, PETG and flexable filaments aswell as the most valued for money 3d printer; The Rostock Max V3

If you wish to see my 3d-printing projects you can click on the link below

Go to: 3D-Printing & Composites

Muldal Motorsport
Muldal Motorsport is meant to be a webpage just for inspiration. Although, we will be offering custom products on the page’s shop whenever we have developed something interesting. If you see a custom made product you want you can shoot us an email or contact us by the following:
  • Haugsetvegen 310, 6230 Sykkylven
  • (+47) 93604918