- Nissan 200sx s13

- RB26DET(T) GTR Engine

- Drift suspension

- Volk GTC 19" wheels


Car Projects

Refurnish and Builds


CNC Carving

3D-printing & prototyping


The Garage

From dirt to workshop..

S13 RB26 GTR


Follow the S13 RB26 GTR project as it shapes from thousand pieces to an race ready, lovely looking racecar. Pictures will be live updated.

Garage build


See the build pictures from the garage start to finish. Hopefully someone count benefit from it, or even be inspired.

Other projects


Take a look at other smaller projects, everything from composite materials like carbon fiber to 3D-printing, CNC carving, flocking, wiring, microcontroller and some other fuck'd up stuff.

The home of Muldal Motorsport

Welcome to Muldal Motorsport homepage. This page is just pure inspirational and hobby. The main subjects on this page are the S13 RB26 GTR project and the now finished Garage project. But you will also find a lot more content on the page. Everything from Carving, 3D-printing and prototyping to composite materials like Carbon fiber, glass fiber, etc.. Wiring, microcontrollers and flocking projects will also show up as time passes. Basically everything that can be manufactured without expensive industrial equipment, and things that mix up with motorsports and product development.

Parts and brands

Below you can see a complete list of part suppliers used on the s13 RB26 GTR project and the three most used sources which we are very satisfied with. For customer service at it's best and a huge selection of parts pay them a visit by clicking on the links provided under this text.
Muldal Motorsport
Muldal Motorsport is meant to be a webpage just for inspiration. Although, we will be offering custom products on the page’s shop whenever we have developed something interesting. If you see a custom made product you want you can shoot us an email or contact us by the following:
  • Haugsetvegen 310, 6230 Sykkylven
  • (+47) 93604918